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The devices that will also be available for use in dental screening at the partner institutions, were procured with the help of Dr. András Korányi Foundation.

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He spent the monetary reward of the recognition to purchase two HbA1c measuring devices from 77 Elektronika Kft. The successful application was supported professionally by Diabetes research questions.

Zsolt Németh, Director of the department.

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Previously a lab test was needed and the results were available only 24 hours later. High level of haemoglobin A1c in diabetic patients undergoing dental surgery increases the chance of complications; it may cause problems with bleeding, the dental implant may cause inflammation, adverse reactions in the oral cavity or fungus may develop and the chance of developing oral tumours increase as well.

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Dániel Végh. According to Dr. In addition to the support of the Hungarian Diabetes Society, this project is implemented with the professional assistance of Dr.

Anikó Somogyi, Dr. Péter Hermann, Dr. Péter Kempler, Dr. Péter Tóth Heyn and Dr. János Kis. The aim of the research group is to enable all newly diagnosed diabetic patients to participate in yearly dental counselling.

The research group were the first in Hungary to organise free dental counselling at diabetes events, which was made possible by the acquisition of a mobile dental screening unit within a grant application at the Faculty of Dentistry.

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