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Biotechnológia karitatív célú kampány Hosszú leírás: Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Technologies for Production of Nutraceuticals and Functional Food Products covers a wide range of topics surrounding microbial processes and their use in the production of high value and fermented functional foods.

The bioactive compounds covered in the book include those derived from food substrates in bioactive peptides, transformed polyphenols, oligosaccharides, prebiotics and functional lipids. The scientific information related to recombinant microorganisms and their role in the production of nutraceutical and functional foods is also discussed, with the translational aspects of microbial bioprocess technologies fully illustrated.

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In addition, current requirements and future perspectives of industrial and a diabetes biodevices biotechnology are extensively covered. Provides a deep and conceptual understanding of enzyme catalysis, enzyme engineering, discovery of novel enzymes, and technology perspectives Offers information about inventions and advancements in microbial process development for the production of high value nutraceuticals and fermented a diabetes biodevices foods Includes updated references for further understanding of fermentation technology in the functional foods industry Tartalomjegyzék: 1.

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Microbial transformation an approach for improving functionality 2. Bioactive peptides production in fermented foods 3.

Recommended Articles This study investigated the influences of drying method oven- freeze- and shade-drying and extraction solvent ethanol and water on the bioactivities of Cirsium setidens. Antioxidant activity was evaluated by DPPH radical scavenging ability, anti-diabetic activity was determined by the inhibitory activity of two enzymes: α-glucosidase and α-amylase, while anti-proliferation activity was assessed by MTT assay of three human cancer cell lines KB, A, and PC Results indicated that bioactivities were extremely affected by solvent; water extracts contained more phenolics, exhibited strong anti-diabetic effect, but no activity of anti-proliferation, while the ethanolic extracts rich in flavonoids showed profound DPPH radical scavenging and anti-proliferation ability, yet low activity of antidiabetes.

Probiotics in fermented products and supplements 4. Prebiotics production and their potential health significance 5.

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Development of synbiotics and their health significance 6. Production of fibrinolytic enzymes during food production 7. Polyphenol transformation during microbial fermentation 8.

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Microbial processes for oligosaccharide production 9. Role of micro RNAs in functional foods and nutraceuticals Microbial fermentation for reduction of antinutritional factors Selenium yeasts in the food industry Microbial production of vitamin during food fermentation Production of?

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Gut microbes - Role in production of nutraceuticals Microbial transformation of agri-food processing residues into value-added bioproducts Use of genetically modified cells in enhancing the nutritional status of fermented food production Biosynthetic technology in production of nutraceuticals Microbial production of sweet biomolecules Microbial metabolites beneficial in regulation of obesity and type 2 diabetes Microbial route of nutraceutical supplementation Kapcsolódó ajánlatok.

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